Movement Is Life
The function of a moveable joint is motion. Loss of motion causes distorted functioning. Normalization produces normal functioning.

R.M.T., N.M.T., CST, CR, C.I., W.T.
O.M.T.A Member

Registered Massage Therapist,Neuromuscular Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Iridologist, Watsu Therapist
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About Joan L. Mailing

I was born and raised in Brantford Ontario. At age nine I was inspired by Hadley Perrin a massage therapist in Brantford. As I watched him work on my mom. I could see how I could help other people get well through massage. The benefits were tremendous.

I received my registration for massage therapy in 1994 after graduating from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. I chose to specialize my practice in pregnancy and infant massage.

Being a massage therapist, it is required by our college to do courses that pertain to our scope of practice.

From 1997 – 2003, I completed the St. John Neuromuscular Therapy Method. These courses include:

*Cervical injuries, postural analysis and pelvic stabilization,

*Pain mechanisms of the lower back,

*Shoulder, upper torso, spinal column and extremities

*TMJ dysfunction, hands feet and eyes

*Components of cranial decompression and scoliosis

*Cervical stabilization and atlas – axis mobilization

*Advanced cervical stabilization and atlas – axis mobilization.

From 1996 –1998 I took extended education from Birthworks now Trimesters in pregnancy and infant massage as follows:

*RMT as a professional Labour Support (Doula)

*RMT as an Infant Massage Instructor

*Massage Therapy during pregnancy

*Certified in DONA (Doulas of North America)

From1997 – 2005 I received training in Craniosacral Therapy from the Upledger Institute in Florida. These include:

*CST I and II

*SER I and II


*The Brain Speaks

From 2000 – 2002 I completed training in Craniosacral Therapy from the Milne Institute in California. These include:

*The Foundation Cranial Class

*Coupled Holds, Sacral Work and Unwinding

*The Sphenoid and Facial Bones

*Asymmetric Techniques, Sutures and Sinus

*Focus and Perception

*Shaman’s Skill: Sculpting the Medium

*Unwinding the Mandible, Venus Sinus and Pregnancy

In 2003 I completed Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy from Dr. Micheal Shea

In 1999 I completed training with Dr. Gary Young and his teachings with organic essential oils from his farm where Gary grows, cultivates and distills the oils and the education on “Rain Drop Therapy

In 1996 I completed from The Centre for Somatic Psychotherapy a course on perceiving how to detect if a patient has been abused in his / her life.

In 1994 / 1995 I completed Equine Massage Therapy from Jodie Pendry in Halton.

In 1985 I completed Reflexology from RAC (Reflexology of Canada).

In 1996 I completed two courses in Ear Coning. One from Sandra Yemm, the other from The Yellow Brick Road.

In 1999 I completed two levels of Watsu (Water Shiatsu) from Harold Dull in California.

In 1985 I completed Iridology from Dr. Bernard Jensen in California.

In 1985 I completed Biochemistry and Nutrition from The Canadian College of Natural Healing in Ottawa with a percentage of 100%.

In 1984 I completed Trager from Nutan Joy in London

In 1983 I received my registration for Shiatsu from The Shiatsu School of Canada in Toronto.

Taking these courses I combine everything I know into my massage therapy when needed. As I first started out, I wanted to specialize in pregnancy and infant massage. When I started my Craniosacral Therapy, I did not know at that time that there was a course in pediatrics. What a highlight to find a modality to help an infant who has had a severe birth trauma due to forceps, an infant with cerebral palsy or to give the infant a good start in life with CST.

For some time now, I have had lot of patients come in for TMJD. I use what we were taught in massage therapy, CST and neuromuscular therapy (NMT). Since completing NMT 8a/b, my whole process of looking at a person of how they stand compared to their TMJD has changed drastically. I am getting results faster and the patient can see and feel the results as we work. In school and the Milne Craniosacral we touched on the Lovett Reactor System. In NMT this chart came into effect very strong for the well being of the individuals that I will see. I now centre my practice on the combining of NMT and CST much stronger than I ever did with massage therapy. I now specialize in TMJD.

Taking courses and utilizing them in my practice is an investment in my education. I found one course leads to another. The most rewarding thing in my business is seeing someone come in with something that is bothering them and leaving without what they came in with.

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