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The function of a moveable joint is motion. Loss of motion causes distorted functioning. Normalization produces normal functioning.

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Registered Massage Therapist,Neuromuscular Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Iridologist, Watsu Therapist
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Mud Wraps

Getting into “Mud Wraps,” we have 4 different types of wraps. The Body Moor Mud Wrap, Sculpture Wrap, Chocolate Blitz Mask and Mocha Java Body Mask.

Body Moor Mud A Unique Herbal Wrap

The Partial Bath is truly “Moor” at it’s most natural state.

Benefits of the mud pack:
  • It relaxes the muscles, activates circulation and detoxifies.
  • Use partial bath for hands and feet.
  • Used in commercial health Spa baths.
  • Used in body wrap for relaxation, cellulite reduction, skin healing, toning, reduce aches and pain.


  • Arthritis of hands and feet.
  • Compresses for bursitis, tendonitis, skin problems.
  • Full body wrap.

NB: Can be used in whirlpool baths and therapeutic baths.

Moor Mud Body Sculpture A unique Herbal Wrap

This body wrap contains 100% moor and used to mold the body. Through its slimming effect, it activates the circulation, tones and reduces the “orange peel” appearance of the skin.

For optimal results, 3 treatments a week for 4 consecutive weeks is recommended.
A pleasant heat sensation will be felt and the skin will have a redness that will disappear after one hour.

Chocolate Blitz Body Mask Wrap


  • Moor mud
  • Cocoa Extract
  • Cream base application

It contains the following:

Vitamin A, B-2, B-6, C, E, Trace minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, magnesium), linoleic acids, polyphenols and caffeine.


This excellent combination of botanical moor and the active ingredients of the chocolate makes this creamy mask a unique hydrating and stimulating wrap.

It neutralizes the free radicals and is a strong anti-oxidant. With the moor mud and the phospholipids in the cocoa, the skin is restructured and is regenerated and becomes hydrated.

It improves the following: circulation, stimulates the central nervous system, revitalizes the epidermis, soothes sensitive skin and attenuates cellulite.

Mocha Java Body Mask Wrap


  • Moor mud
  • Vitamin E
  • Hemp oil
  • Orange essential oil
  • Mocha Java café extract

It contains the following:

Moor mud, vitamin E, hemp oil, orange essential oil, caffeine, mocha java café extract.


The caffeine and café extract combine with orange essential oil is a strong vasodilator. It stimulates your cellular micro-circulation by reducing the puffiness. It helps reduce the cellulite between the connective tissue by stimulating the fat degradation. In other words it speeds up the burning of fat.

The added vitamin E and hemp oil infuses the skin with protein making this moor mud wrap a hydrating, cell regenerating treatment without leaving your skin oily.

All wraps finish off with the Svelte cream which tones elasticity and skin texture. It also prevents scaring and stretch marks.

For those people who are serious in loosing cellulite, we teach them how to do home treatments for cellulite using the Scorpion Brush, health body bar, silhouette cream, svelte cream and the mud bath. These home treatments are accompanied with the cellulite wraps.

Comparison between Moor Mud, Seaweed & Clay/
Comparison entre la boue de tourbe, algues & argile

What it is / Qu'est-ce que c'est
  Moor Seaweed/algues Clay/argile
Canadian / Canadien X X  
US X X  
Europe X    
Dead sea/Mer morter     X
Plants/Plantes X X  
*organic/organique X X  
*multitude of plantes/plantes multiples X    
*one plant/une plante   water plant/plante marine  
*living/vivante X X  
*dead/morte     X
*humic acid (natural painkiller)/
acide humique (analgésique naturel)
16 - 34%    
*iodine (trace elements) /iode oligo-éléments) X X  
*smell/odeur   X  
Water/Eau 80% X  
Volcanic ash/Cendre volcanique     X
*powder/poudre     X
*mineral (pulvarised inorganic/
minéral (pulvérisé) inorganique
*increase metabolism rate/
augmente le taux du métabolisme
What does it do / Quels sont leurs utilites?
  Moor Seaweed/algues Clay/argile
Production of endorphines/Produit des endorphines X    
*Anti-inflammatory/Anti-inflammatoire X    
*Natural pain killer/Analgésique naturel X    
Astringent X   X
*hydrate cells/hydrate les cellules X X  
*detoxifies/désintoxication X X X 
*draws out toxins/retire les toxines X   X
Cell regeneration/Regénération de la cellule X X X
Ion exchanger/Echange d'Ion X X  
*trace mineral/oligo-éléments X    
*micro mineral/micro-minéraux X    
Hormone balancer/Régulateur hormonal X    
*chemical production through glands/
production chimique des glandes
Stimulates thyroid/Stimule la thyroïde   X  
*increase metabolism rate/
augmente le taux du métabolsim
Compared to plasma/Comparer au plasma   X  

Silhouette Cream

The silhouette cream is created for your aesthetic needs. It will attenuate the orange peel look of the skin caused by cellulite. When used with the golden moor Health Bar and the Scorpion brush, it will increase its efficiency.


After using the Golden Moor Body Health Bar and Scorpion Brush in the shower, apply a generous layer of cream on affected area and massage until the cream is completely penetrated. Used mostly in the morning.

Svelte Cream

A revolutionary cream that enhances the desired body parts. After use, notice a difference in tone, elasticity and skin texture.

Can be used on breasts, forearms, legs and abdomen. It also prevents scarring and stretch marks.


After using the Golden Moor Health Bath in the evening, apply a generous layer of cream on the desired areas. Massage until penetrated.

Scorpion Brush

Its Efficiency:

  • Reduces cellulite
  • Diminishes fat
  • Eliminates general fatigue
  • Helps the blood vessels
  • Hardens the muscles
  • Regenerates the capillary blood vessels
  • Calms the nerves
  • Lessens the rheumatic pains
  • Suppresses the blood congestion
  • Gives more suppleness and flexibility to the skin

Directions For Use

Apply on the skin your favorite oil, soap or cream.
> Press always towards the heart.
> On the abdomen, rub clockwise.
To reduce cellulite, rub daily and vigorously as much as possible.
Be sure not to rub over varicose veins.
In case of doubt or sickness, consult your physician.
The Scorpion Brush is effective when used regularly and in the correct way.
This is a Multidisciplinary Clinic
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