Movement Is Life
The function of a moveable joint is motion. Loss of motion causes distorted functioning. Normalization produces normal functioning.

R.M.T., N.M.T., CST, CR, C.I., W.T.
O.M.T.A Member

Registered Massage Therapist,Neuromuscular Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Iridologist, Watsu Therapist
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What is Rubenfeld Synergy®?

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® * is a gentle but powerful mind-body-spirit approach to personal growth, stress reduction and healing. Its unique essence is that it combines gentle touch, movement and imagery with reflective listening and dialogue. These ingredients work synergistically, andmany individuals, who have found regular talk therapy ineffective, have been able to quickly access and work through core issues with this body-centered therapy.

Many of us live in a state of tension, feeling chronically tired, emotionally drained and physically unconnected due to everyday stress. Old unconscious beliefs and attitudes also often control how we feel and behave in the present.

Emotions that we suppress or deny do not go away. They stay inside and affect our health and well-being. However, when we feel stuck in life and sense a need to change our ways, we can trust our own body as an invaluable source of wisdom.

Learning to listen to the body, becoming aware of habitual patterns and tensions and decoding their messages help us make concrete improvements in daily life and relationships.

A typical RSM session is an inward journey in a safe environment. The client is fully clothed, most often lying on a body-work table, but sometimes sitting, standing or moving. The method induces deep relaxation, both physical and mental, which enhances a deepening awareness, allowing old memories, feelings and habitual patterns to surface and be dealt with.

Sessions usually last about 50 minutes and are scheduled according to the client’s needs.

* The Rubenfeld Synergy Method®, a dynamic system for the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit, was created by Ilana Rubenfeld in the 1960's. A rigorous four-year professional training prepares Synergists for a practice based on the principles of integrated healing. All Certified Rubenfeld Synergists are required to adhere to the profession's Standards of Practice and Ethical Principles, which are available at

For more detailed information on Ilana Rubenfeld or the Rubenfeld Synergy Training, please visit

Listening Hands… Why Touch?

Touch heightens awareness. It is a clear channel of communication between the practitioner and client. The client “hears” the intention of the Synergist while the Synergist receives information from the client through “listening hands.” The body tells the truth.

Often the client is not in touch with how he or she “feels” physically or emotionally until there is touch. Touch offers an opportunity to go beyond the rational intellect into a deeper knowing, the wisdom of the body. Including the body in the healing process promotes a new sense of wholeness.

Touch allows each client to listen to his or her own body, to experience body, mind, emotions and spirit rather than just “talk about” feelings and behaviour. Gentle, intentional touch invites the opportunity to release blocks, resolve conflicts to heal and change the self from an intergrated conscious place.

What is a Synergy Session Like?

Synergy sessions are generally 45 minutes in length. The number and frequency of sessions is determined by the clients needs. It should be noted that deep change requires a commitment to ongoing work.

Loose fitting, comfortable clothing is recommended and sessions are conducted while lying on a massage table, sitting, standing or moving. All touch and movement is gentle and respectful.

Responsibility for change rests with the client. As the Synergist, the intention is to provide safety, supports, acceptance and clear witness for each clients unique journey. Together, the Synergist and client create a healing space for emerging awareness and emotions integrating them in the present experience. While focus is in the present,dealing with the past to resolve unfinished business is part of the healing process. The past, to be sure, is present with us now.

By facilitating the release of old holding patterns in the body and psyche, the client is supported to find and trust their own inner wisdom.

During this psychophysical journey the touchstones are trust, safety, acceptance, commpassion, humour, and growth as you move forward into wholeness, freedom, harmony and empowerment.

As pathways to fulfillment and healing, sessions may deal with negative emotions and issues. The “Synergy” approach also encourages affirmation, joy and self-empowerment… a celebration of all aspects of your human existence.

Why Choose to Work with a Synergist?

For many who have found talk therapy to be not enough or who believe the body and mind are essentially ONE, Reubenfeld Synergy® offers exciting prospects.

Principles of the Reubenfeld Synergy Method

  1. Each individual is unique.
  2. The body, mind, emotions and spirit are dynamically interrelated.
  3. Awareness is the first key to change.
  4. Change occurs in the present moment.
  5. The ultimate responsibility for change rests with the client.
  6. People have a natural capacity for self-healing.
  7. Through touch the body’s life force and energy field can be sensed.
  8. Touch is a precise mode of communication.
  9. The body is a metaphor.
  10. The body tells the truth.
  11. The body is the sanctuary of the soul.
  12. Pleasure needs to be honoured to offset pain.
  13. Humour can heal and lighten.
  14. Reflecting clients verbal expressions validates their experience.
  15. Confusion can facilitate change.
  16. Altered states of consciousness can enhance healing.
  17. Integration is essential for lasting results.
  18. Self-care is the first step to client care.

Anne Marie Norris, CRS, CR
Member of the Canadian Association of Reubenfeld Synergist

In addition to her 4 year Reubenfeld Synergy® Certification, her holistic training began several years ago.

After a horse related injury, her journey began in seeking answers to the depth of the pain in her body through receiving treatments in wholistic Healing approaches.

She nourished her curiosity by studying and certifying in; Reiki, Reflexology, Auricular Coning, Advanced Pranic Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique Level II.

She intends to continue her studies and expand her understanding of Gestalt and Psychophysical therapies.

“I look back in gratitude for all the personal healing I received from these modalities. I am now committed to Reubenfeld Synergy Method, a powerful, elegant system for human integration: bringing body mind, psyche and spirit together in a present, trusting whole….I invite you to come and listen to your , body’s story.”

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