Movement Is Life
The function of a moveable joint is motion. Loss of motion causes distorted functioning. Normalization produces normal functioning.

R.M.T., N.M.T., CST, CR, C.I., W.T.
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Registered Massage Therapist,Neuromuscular Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Iridologist, Watsu Therapist
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Watsu or water shiatsu (60 minutes)

This modality is done in water with your bathing suit on. The water is body temperature and done in 4 feet deep water. The water provides a deeply relaxing environment where weight and pressures are removed from the body. The patient is floated and rocked as the spine is gently pulled and stretched. The effects of the stretches, which include stronger muscles, and increased flexibility and joint Range of Motion, are amplified when performed in a pool. There have been good results working with physically challenged people.

Freeing the spine is the focus at the onset of each Watsu session.

The weightlessness of the body in water provides expanded stretching and flexibility.

In the basic move, the patient is floated in the practitioner’s arms and sinks a bit as they both exhale. On the inhalation, they both arise. This is repeated throughout the session to create a connection, which is carried into the stretches that follow. The flows of Watsu are the way one movement extends into another and creates a sense of continuity.

I am looking into where I can hold this modality. I am one of 40 therapists in the world that does this work.

This is a Multidisciplinary Clinic
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